California man's body missing after funeral home shuts down

A California family is trying to find the body of a deceased loved one after the funeral home handling his remains closed shop, Fox 40 reports.

Morris Carruth, 45, died of a heart attack in August, and his family used Advanced Care Funeral and Cremation to handle his service.

But two months after Carruth’s death, the family is still waiting for his remains.


“The new stress is now we can’t find his body. He was to be cremated after the funeral, they told us the body would be delivered to us in two weeks, and it never happened,” said Lisa Evans, Carruth’s sister.

Evans told Fox 40 she stopped by the company’s Sacramento office after her calls went unanswered, but found the office cleaned out and closed.

The California State Cemetery and Funeral Bureau told the station the company was investigated  for mishandling the remains of five people, and got a temporary restraining order.

But Evans says she was never contacted during the investigation, and her brother Morris was not one of the five remains found mishandled.

“I have no idea where he is and it’s a real messed up feeling,” said Evans.

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