California high school student charged with trying to kill her baby with rat poison

A California high school student has been charged with attempted murder after admitting to trying to feed rat poison to her two-week-old baby, police said.

Cashel Phin, 18, was questioned by police after they were tipped off by one of her friends who allegedly heard her talking about dumping her baby in the trash, KTLA-TV reported.

"The suspect admitted to trying to give the baby rat poison, also hitting it with a purse," Modesto Police Department Lt. Jeremy Young said.

Phin's baby, Anna, was just two weeks old at the time of the alleged poisoning attempt.

California Protective Services took custody of Anna on Tuesday. She was given a medical check and then put in the custody of Phin's sister, Jen Chung.

Chung said Phin seemed troubled since giving birth to Anna on April 13 but never believed she would harm her baby.

Phin, a student at Modesto High School, is scheduled to be formally charged Friday with attempted murder, poisoning and two counts of soliciting murder. She is currently in jail with bail set at $1.6 million.