California company says it’ll pay your mortgage if you turn house into billboard

More than 40,000 people applied to take advantage of a California company's offer to make homeowners' mortgage payments as long as they turn their house into a billboard, reported.

The company, Brainiacs From Mars, reportedly paints their logos and colors on your house and, in return, pays your monthly mortgage.

"If you let us paint ads on your house, we pay for your mortgage for the entire time the ad runs,” Romeo Mendoza of Brainiacs From Mars said.

One of the applications is from a teacher who says she has a $1,200 mortgage and is struggling to get by.

"Ninety percent of people are in need. The other 10 percent of people just want to have a good time," he said.

Mendoza said the goal is to paint 3,000 homes by the end of next year.

"We buy ads as a company all the time, so why not buy an ad on this person's house, and we, in return, pay the mortgage," he said.

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