Calif. City Cut Police Pensions, Raised Politician's Pensions

BELL, Calif. -- The city of Bell, Calif., cut pensions for new police officers at the same time it provided record-high pensions for former city manager Robert Rizzo and 40 other officials.

The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that the city created a two-tiered pension system, with officers hired after 2006 getting smaller pensions than other police staff.

Documents show the more recent hires also had to work until 55 to get their full pensions. Before the change, Bell police officers were eligible to receive their full pension at age 50.

The Times reported Wednesday that City Council members and other officials got supplemental pensions paid for by Bell tax funds to get around retirement limits imposed by the state retirement fund.

Rizzo and seven others were charged last week with looting city funds. Rizzo's attorney James Spertus has said his client did nothing wrong.