Bystanders lift car to free victims after Ohio woman mows down crowd

A woman suddenly drove her car into a crowded town square in northwest Ohio, injuring 20 to 25 people, some of whom were pinned under the car and freed when bystanders lifted it, authorities and witnesses said.

The chaotic scene unfolded after 9 p.m. Friday night when an unidentified woman drove her Oldsmobile sedan into a crowd of dozens gathered for a weekly community event featuring live music, Lima police said. The car appeared to be at a complete stop before it was driven into the square, witnessed told the Lima News. It also struck an old sculpture in the square at full speed.

When the car came to a rest, those nearby picked it up to free victims who were trapped.

"It just happened so fast," Amee Truesdale, who was at the event with her husband, told the newspaper. "We all fell backwards. It was unreal. There were bodies, and shoes and jewelry."

No one was killed. Police said some victims suffered serious injuries to legs, heads and necks. At least five were taken to hospitals, including at St. Rita's Medical Center and Lima Memorial Health System. Two are in serious but stable condition, two others are in stable condition, and the condition of a fifth person was not available. It's not clear what happened to the driver, who had a dog with her in the car, witnesses said.

Police said they're still investigating what may have caused the crash.

Lima is about 80 miles south of Toledo.