The twin brother of a man police say was killed last year during a California train-hopping adventure has detailed a bizarre phone conversation he had with one of the suspects police say is connected to the murder.

Josh Albert told Fox40.com that his brother dreamed of traveling the state on a freight train. So in March 2013, his brother John ventured out on the journey that was expected to last a few weeks during spring break. Josh decided not to go because of school work.

John was in close contact with his family until the phone calls stopped. The family assumed his cellphone died and he was hitchhiking back home.

The family, however, checked his cellphone bill to see if that would offer an explanation regarding his whereabouts.

Josh told Fox40.com that one of the numbers was unfamiliar, so he called. It belonged to Laura Kenner.

"She said that he was an alcoholic and she wasn't a baby sitter," Josh told the station. "She said he was a little kid. And no one really believed that. And so when she said that, it made me suspicious."

Police later informed the family that John's body was found by the rail yard in Roseville, Calif. Police had few leads in his killing, but last week authorities announced three arrests in connection to the killing, the report said.

Laura Kenner, 30, was arrested in New Mexico, and Jules Carrillo, 21, and Edward Anauo, 23, were arrested in Nebraska, the station reported.

The three were identified in a Sacramento Bee report as experienced freight-train riders.

Josh said he regrets not going with his brother on the short journey.

"If I just went, probably none of this would have happened," he said.

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