A sexy Brooklyn prosecutor who never bothered to tell her bosses she was vying to be Donald Trump's assistant on "The Apprentice" this season has to leave the DA's office because her bosses are ticked off and jurors are starting to recognize her.

Mahsa Saeidi- Azcuy, 29, who started her $50,000-a-year job prosecuting misdemeanors last January, submitted her resignation Monday and will quit today after angering the higher-ups who allowed her a two-month leave in June without knowing what she had planned.

"She wasn't forth right," a source said. "Some people in the office found it offensive. That's not the image that they'd want to project."

Saeidi-Azcuy has survived the first three episodes of the NBC series. Last night, her team, which was tasked with managing a doggy day-care center, won the challenge and avoided hearing "You're fired!" from Trump.

Her instant-celebrity status became a professional burden after jurors started recognizing her from the show.

"How can I be in a courtroom now, at least while the show is airing?" Saeidi-Azcuy told the New York Law Journal.

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