America’s obsession with beer is getting hairy.

An Oregon brewery is developing an ale made from wild yeast harvested from the beard whiskers of its award-winning brewmaster, KPTV Fox 12 reports.

The beard of Rogue Ales brewmaster John Maier was found to contain a yeast cell, so the brewery is developing the “beard beer,” which keeps to the Newport, Oregon, company’s irreverent spirit --  Dead Guy, Yellow Snow and Voodoo Bacon Maple ales are also available.

"We do things that are fun, tongue in cheek," Brett Joyce, president of Rogue Ales, told Fox 12.

There’s no short supply of the whiskers, as Maier hasn’t shaved his beard since 1978 -- or when a six-pack of beer cost less than $2.

But for those who are reluctant to sip the cheeky recipe, Joyce assures drinkers that they have no worries.

"You're not really drinking a beard, you're drinking a great beer that happens to have a yeast that comes from a beard," Joyce said.

The beard brew will be released sometime next year.

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