Brazilian prostitute not thrown from car

The State Department said Wednesday a Brazilian prostitute was injured last year when she tried to get back into a car occupied by four members of a U.S. security team who were disciplined after the incident.

The department said the woman involved in the December incident tried to open a door and climb into the moving car. Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the woman fell and was injured. She said no charges were filed against the four Americans but all have left Brazil.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday the woman was pushed from the car and that two of the three Marines involved had been demoted. Nuland said the State Department has a zero-tolerance policy regarding prostitution but would not say whether an embassy employee with the Marines violated rules or was disciplined other than being transferred out of Brazil.

A defense official said Tuesday there were two women with the Marines outside of the club and that it appeared one of women started a fight inside the car. She was removed from the vehicle and fell when she tried to get back in, according to the official. A second official said the woman broke her collarbone when she was pushed from the car.