Depending on the culture of your office, the incoming intern class could be stellar additions to your team or simply there to perform busy work.

Just like the young 20-something, just barely-legal intern coming to work for the first time, you’ve prepared and done your research. You know what you’re getting into and what to expect. You plan to mentor, inspire, to change their lives for the better. You’re going to be the boss you wish you had for your first internship. On the other hand, you might just want to get through the next few months.

Either way, here are a few different types of interns you can expect to work with this summer:

1. The motivator


These interns might not be the most qualified and, at some points you may wonder how they got here. There’s times you may want to slap them and give ‘em a muzzle. But when times get tough, their motivational speeches, bubbly personalities and can-do attitudes remind you exactly why they’re rising stars of positivity and teamwork. We thank you, Owen Wilsons of the world.

2. The "I have no clue what to do with you"


Wait, we have an intern? With such a busy schedule, you completely forgot. Looking at his or her resume, this individual may be way too qualified or just the opposite. How do you boss around someone who was in the industry for 30 years? How do you have time to hold someone’s hand and teach them what "synergy" means or how to work the copier?

Well, if Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway taught us anything, you’ll figure something out. It could be great. Either way, they’ll be gone in two months.

3. The socially inept genius


They've got the brains to go far but their personalities need some work. They're able to make friends and network online but now it’s time to do it in the real world. You just know there’s a lovable guy or gal under that hard-drive exterior!

4. The intern everyone wants to hug

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These interns are already a part of the team and everyone loves them. They may not be the smartest, or last more than a season or two, but their warm and charming demeanor makes you just want to hug them and help them reach their full potential. Straight to the top, Lee Thomas Young!

5. The know-it-all

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Their resumes are a mile long. And it’s true, their accomplishments are pretty impressive. They’re most likely smarter than you and they know it. Top of the class, they struggle to keep their egos in check and forget their place every now and then. But you know you can count on them when it gets down to the wire.

6. The intern that could care less

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They don’t want to be there and no one in the office wants them to be there either. But, there they are, with the sole purpose and goal for the summer to finally earn that college credit. It could turn into a positive situation if you’re anything like Leslie Knope and never give in. Otherwise, at least everyone gets what they want at the end of the summer.

7. The intern that resents every single person in the office

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They might have been excited at one point to be working with the company, and they are good at what they do. Except this intern realized about five seconds in they made a horrible, awful, no-good mistake. Miserable themselves, they opt to take it out on the entire office so everyone’s going down with ‘em.

8. The terrified intern

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These interns are young and more than qualified, but their lack of confidence gets the best of them. Constantly terrified, they wait at their desks for the next thing and struggle to speak up and contribute or ask questions. But nothing’s more satisfying when you finally get them to come out of their shells by the end of the summer. They even have a few good ideas.

9. The try hard


The energy's great, even if they’re a bit over eager. Earnest and ready to make a name for themselves, these interns are constantly working -- if only they could get something right. Their lack in ability and experience creates a problem, despite their curious minds and willingness to learn. In which case, patience and a filter may be the best attribute they learn this summer.