Boy, 11, raises thousands to save his sick dog's life

A young boy working desperately to save his pet dog’s life has raised thousands of dollars to get his best friend some much-needed medical treatment.

Lucas Fuller, 11, started his mission to save his dog, Bear, by posting flyers around his Pittsboro, Indiana neighborhood advertising himself as "help for hire, according to

The 11-year-old said he could mow lawns, trim gardens, and wash cars, while explaining he had a "very sick dog" and he was "working to help pay for his medicine and veterinary care."

A local saw the heartfelt flyer and uploaded it to Facebook, where Lucas’ mission quickly gained attention.

When people began responding wanting to help Bear, Lucas’ mother, Karen, then helped her son set up a GoFundMe account.

On the page, the Fullers explained their beloved pooch had been diagnosed with a systemic fungal infection called blastomycosis - or ‘"blasto."

"The infection will take 6 months to heal. It currently affects his lungs, skin, eye, lymph nodes and appetite (he has lost 20 lbs.) It is very painful. Last week he developed fungal pneumonia and once again needed treatment in the ER,’" the Fullers wrote on the fundraising page.

"We are encouraged by every improvement he makes, but will need treatment and medication for 6 months. This is very much a financial struggle, but we love our dog. He is our friend, companion, protector!’"

The family set a fundraising target for the page of $2,000. As of Thursday morning, almost $3,500 had been raised.

In the wake of the amazing support, Bear was booked in for the first round of treatment he needs.

The Fullers provided an update on the fundraising page, writing, ‘"We want to thank everyone who has donated money, and offered prayers and kind words of support. We are truly so very thankful for each and every one of you!

"Bear will go back to the doctor on Tuesday, and we are hopeful that his eye has healed and he will not loose vision. The swelling has come back in his right leg and he has an infection in his right front paw.’"

The Fullers wrapped up the emotional update: ‘Thanks to so many of you, we will be able to get the medical treatment that Bear needs. I truly can not thank you enough!’

Blastomycosis causes dogs to suffer from fever, coughing, shortness of breath, muscle aches and fatigue. Veterinarians say the only way to prevent it is to stay away from infected soils, as there is currently no vaccine for the illness.