Boston firefighters make good on promise to widow and find wedding ring, report says

Boston firefighters determined to deliver good news to a widow spent hours Tuesday searching through the rubble left behind by last week's 9-alarm blaze and eventually located her husband's wedding band.

The Boston Globe reported that Kristen Walsh, the wife of Lt. Eddie Walsh, called the Boylston Street firehouse and asked that they find the ring.

"Eddie never took his wedding ring off," Richie Paris, a Boston firefighter, told the paper. The ring was not on Walsh's hand, the paper reported.

The March 26 fire was one of the worst in the city's history. Walsh and fellow firefighter Michael R. Kennedy died in the inferno in the four-story apartment building in the city's Back Bay area. Thirteen other firefighters were injured in the blaze, and several police officers also were taken to hospitals.


After the widow's request, a group of firefighters searched through the rubble for the ring.

The group searched for hours, and just before dusk Tuesday, one of the firefighters found the ring. The Globe reported that the firefighters formed a convoy and rushed the ring to Walsh's wake at a nearby church. The widow was seated a few feet from her husband's casket when she was handed the ring.

The Boston Globe reported, "Kristen Walsh took the ring and slid it on her finger. It was big, real big, but it fit in all the ways that matter."

Walsh's funeral was Wednesday morning and he was buried next to his father, who was also a firefighter, reported.

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