Bergdahl's Facebook posts, personal writings show frustration, struggle to maintain stability

In public Facebook posts written before he vanished from his military base in Afghanistan, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl spoke of his frustration with the world.

He criticized military commanders and mused about how to stop violence.

But in his personal writings, he seemed to focus his frustrations on himself and his struggle to maintain his mental stability.

Together, the writings paint a portrait of a man who was dealing with two conflicts — one fought with bullets and bombs, the other fought within himself.

Bergdahl was recently released after five years as the Taliban's prisoner. His Facebook page — under the name "Wandering Monk" — was suspended on Wednesday by Facebook for a violation of terms. Bergdahl's last post was made a few weeks before his capture.


Associated Press researchers Rhonda Shafner and Susan James contributed to this report.