An Arizona couple got quite a surprise when they discovered a bear cub eating its way through their house.

Phil Volk heard rustling in the kitchen of his Sonoita home early Thursday morning and thought it was his grandchildren. He was shocked to find it was a bear cub who had helped itself to chocolate cake left on the counter, and the contents of the trash, The Arizona Daily Star reported.

Volk described the break-in as a "feeding frenzy," as the bear made its way into the pantry for chips and bread, and topped its meal off with some jelly beans.

The cub -- who apparently broke through a kitchen window -- was focused on food and didn't attempt to hurt anyone in the house during its binge. When Volk approached, the 30-pound cub hissed and ran into a bedroom.

The Volks called 911, the paper reported, and the operator put them in touch with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. A wildlife department manager came to the house, tranquilized the bear, and removed it, according to Karen Klima, a department spokeswoman.

Klima said the cub, probably less than a year old, was too young to be returned to the wild on its own. It's possible the bear was abandoned by its mother as there were no sightings of her.

Wildlife officials took the intrepid cub to the Heritage Park Zoo in Prescott, where it will live.

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