When a man barricaded himself in a garage after a stolen-car chase in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood Tuesday, a Twitter executive who lives on the street live-tweeted the scene.

"GUYS I PICKED A REALLY BAD NIGHT TO FLY BACK FROM AFRICA AND TAKE AN AMBIEN BEFORE BED," wrote Nathan C. Hubbard, who oversees global media and commerce at Twitter.

The pursuit started about 2 a.m. Monday and ended soon when the car crashed into a parked car and the driver got out, fired shots and ran into the garage. No one was injured, and police were able to remove the residents from the home during the barricade situation.

Hubbard sent more than a dozen tweets about the scene through its conclusion six hours later.

The first said: "Full on helicopter chase and multiple gunshots in the alley behind my house in Pacific Palisades. Police all over the scene."

He also broadcast parts of the scene with the Periscope app, including the raid of the garage where police ripped the door down.

At one point, his video showed a man running in front of his house during the incident that he assumed was the suspect. But when the actual suspect emerged, it was a different man, leaving Hubbard with a mystery.

His final tweet read: "now the real question: WHO WAS THE GUY IN THE WHITE SHIRT RUNNING IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE?"