Barbara Corcoran: Women Aren't Weak for Wanting Something More Than the Top Job

There’s no universal answer to why there aren’t more women in executive roles, why women are generally paid less than their male counterparts or why certain sectors (i.e. tech) are male dominated. There are many reasons -- and choice does have something to do with it.

Real estate entrepreneur and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran says women are right to ask themselves whether or not that high-powered job is really a top priority for them. And if they decide it’s not, there’s nothing wrong with that.

“A lot of the gender gap is not a gap; it’s a desire for a fuller life,” she said during an interview earlier this year at Entrepreneur’s Growth Conference. “I don’t think a lot of women buy in as easily on the power and position of being a top business person. A lot of them want a lot more than that.”

The outspoken startup investor went on to explain how she “owns her femininity” and why, particularly in the early days of her business, she wore lots of red suits.

Check out the video above for more.


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