A coroner has determined that a 1-month-old boy who died at his home was killed by a family dog.

Authorities say the baby was found dead Sept. 20 in his bassinet at the Knox County home about 60 miles northeast of Columbus. County Coroner Dr. Jennifer Ogle said Wednesday that the baby suffered extensive injuries, including puncture wounds to his head.

Ogle’s news release said the autopsy revealed no trauma from any source other than a dog. The release said the infant was healthy and well cared for prior to his death.

The family’s two dogs, described as “pit bull, or a pit bull mix,” have been euthanized.

Knox County’s prosecutor has said the baby’s 25-year-old father apparently woke up to find the infant dead.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that the homeowner, Teddy Hagans, told 911 that the boy was in the bassinet. When the dispatcher asked if he wanted to try CPR on the boy, the man reportedly declined, saying the injuries were too severe.

The boy’s mother, who is not married to Hagans, was reportedly not home at the time. She reportedly called authorities to inform them that her mother was driving her to the scene over the speed limit, and asked to not pull them over.

The Associated Press contributed to this report