August 1, 2012: The nation's weather

Weather Underground Forecast for Wednesday, August 01, 2012.

The Southern Plains will continue to see extremely hot temperatures on Wednesday as the ridge of high pressure over the region continues to intensify. The area around Oklahoma City is expected to be the hottest spot in the region, with highs reaching well into the triple digits throughout western Oklahoma. To the north of the city, highs will likely rise into the 110s once again. High temperatures have the potential to get even hotter than yesterday's scorching readings. Unfortunately for the region, no relief from the heat is forecast in the short term, and no rainfall is anticipated.

In the East, thunderstorms are anticipated as a cold front pushes through the region. The front and rain will cool temperatures off slightly. Some of the thunderstorms could bring damaging winds or hail, but a widespread outbreak of severe weather is not likely.

The Southwest will continue to see monsoon rainfall, but the moisture source for the thunderstorms will be squeezed off a bit, resulting in lighter rainfall than yesterday. Flash flooding could still be a concern, but the risk will be lower than on Tuesday.

The West will see little change from Tuesday's weather with hot temperatures inland, and cool foggy weather along the coast. Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Tuesday have ranged from a morning low of 32 degrees at Truckee-Tahoe, Calif. to a high of 107 degrees at Oklahoma City, Okla.