A Rutgers University student who was allegedly sexually assaulted last year by two football players reportedly received a written apology from one of her alleged attackers.

NJ.com reported that the unidentified woman the unidentified woman filed a lawsuit last week alleging that former Scarlet Knight football players Marques Ford and John Bowers sexually assaulted her after she drank too much and became incapacitated at a November 2015 party.

The website also reported that the woman’s attorney Jeffrey Fritz had said the woman went to the hospital shortly after the alleged assault and had contacted police.

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Fritz said his client received a series of messages from Bowers in which he apologized for the assault and blamed Ford.

NJ.com reported that the lawsuit mentioned that Bowers was dating the woman during the time of the alleged attack.

Both boys have since left the university. They have not been charged.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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