Army Sergeant Charged for Allegedly Bringing Explosives Into Texas Airport

A US Army sergeant has been charged for bringing explosives into a Texas airport in his bag.
Trey Scott Atwater, a 30-year-old Sergeant First Class, was in custody Sunday, KVUE-TV reported. He will be held at least until Tuesday when he is arraigned.

Atwater was taken into custody for questioning Saturday after the C-4 plastic explosive was found in his carry-on luggage at a Transit Security Administration checkpoint at Midland International Airport.

The discovery prompted authorities to close the airport terminal for an hour.

C-4 is a military-grade high explosive that will not ignite without the use of a detonator. No other components were found in an initial search of Atwater's bags.

Atwater was headed to Fort Bragg in North Carolina after visiting relatives when the C-4 was discovered.

The US Army said in a statement that Atwater had no known connection to any terrorist activities.