Armored car driver arrested in Colorado

The driver of an armored car who was charged with first-degree felony theft of more than $200,000 was arrested Wednesday in Colorado.

Trent Michael Cook, 24, a driver for the Rochester Armored Car Co., and another suspect were found by the  Colorado Springs Police Department. All of the money was recovered as well, Amarillo Globe-News reports.

Cook, who was not an armed employee and who authorities believe was the only employee in the truck at the time, was originally listed by Amarillo PD as a “missing/endangered” person, but investigators say they discovered that he was allegedly involved in the heist.


The armored car was missing for nearly a half-hour before it was found around 7:50 a.m. Monday, according to officials for the Amarillo PD.  The vehicle showed no signs of forced entry.

Investigators also uncovered significant evidence that Cook has access to a rifle and handguns, and that he had previously discussed with others how a theft like this could be committed.

"Investigators have developed credible evidence Cook has access to a rifle and handguns, and could be considered dangerous due to this information," officials for the Amarillo police said in a statement.

On Tuesday evening, cops had found what they believed to be Cook's getaway vehicle -- a white 1995 Ford van in a parking lot.

"This recovery indicates that suspect changed cars in the area early in the day, possibly shortly after the theft," Amarillo PD officials said in a statement."It is unknown if he was picked up by another person or if the suspect had pre-positioned a second vehicle at that scene."