Arizona teacher assigns homework with question about infidelity

A teacher at an Arizona elementary school gave her fourth-grade class a homework assignment that alluded to a “situation” of infidelity.

According to ABC 15, students at Playa Del Rey Elementary School in Gilbert were asked to read passages last week detailing a certain situation. Then, according to the station, the students were asked to describe what is happening and what should be done about it.


One of the questions was about a wife finding another woman's hair clip under her bed, with hair in it that didn't belong to her.

Heather Nicks, whose daughter Kyera McCloskey received the assignment, was not pleased.

"I don't care what age, it's not something that the school should bring up to my daughter," Nicks told the station.

Nicks alerted the teacher, who quickly emailed parents apologizing for the adult-themed homework. She explained that she hadn't actually read the entire assignment.

Still, Kyera completed the assignment, suggesting that the husband had cheated and was in big trouble.

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