A second-grade teacher in Arizona last week forced her students march in 90-plus degree heat as a form of punishment, a parent of one of the students alleged.

Brittany Trofy, whose 7-year-old daughter is in the Luke Elementary School class, told azfamily.com that the teacher had the students walk in circles around the playground for 20 minutes with temperatures more than 90 degrees.

"It's hot. They're young and they get overheated," Trofy said. "They're small and they don't weigh much. It doesn't take much for them to get overworked."

A spokesperson for the Dysart Unified School District confirmed that the teacher did take the children outside as punishment, but said the students were only outside for five minutes, and were later checked by the school nurse and were fine.

Zachary Fountain, the board's director of communications, told the paper that the disciplinary action used by the teacher were not proper protocol and any repercussions for the teacher will be handled privately.

Another parent sided with the teacher, telling the paper that she’s a “great teacher” and supports her “100-percent.”