Arizona police search for gunman who shot 2 inside Wal-Mart

Police were searching for a shooter who wounded two people inside a Wal-Mart store Wednesday in a Phoenix suburb.

Glendale police said two victims suffered gunshot wounds and were taken to hospitals for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Their names weren't immediately released.

Police said investigators were trying to determine whether the shooter knew the victims.

Officers were called to the scene about 11 a.m. and put the store and parking lot on lockdown after locating the two victims.

News video showed one person sitting up in a gurney that was being wheeled from the store to an ambulance.

Police in SWAT team gear entered the store searching for the shooter, but police said it was later determined that the suspect had already left the area in a vehicle.

Some customers inside the Wal-Mart said they heard several shots fired before they ran out of the store.

"I heard loud voices and then something that sounded like gunfire," said Paul Mendez, who told Phoenix TV station KPHO that he was near the store's pharmacy area at the time but didn't see the shooter or the victims.

"I just ran to the garden area and called 911 and told them to hurry up," Mendez added. "It happened so quickly, I don't know if anyone realized what happened. People just headed outside. It was orderly."