Arizona 'party' mom arrested after allegedly leaving 4-year-old daughter at home for hours

An Arizona mother was arrested Sunday after she allegedly left her young daughter home alone while she went out partying.

Alexandra Ciliento, 29, left her house around 11 p.m. Saturday night while her 4-year-old daughter remained at home, Fox 10 reported.

While her mother was out, the young girl managed to escape the home and make her way over to a neighbor's house.

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The neighbor reportedly waited 45 minutes before calling police, who were finally able to reach Ciliento just after 8:00 the following morning, according to

Ciliento admitted to Scottsdale Police that she left her apartment and didn't try to get a babysitter to watch her daughter, police indicated in court records.

Additionally, Ciliento "was not aware that her child could open a locked door and leave the residence."

Her daughter is in the custody of her father, and Ciliento is reportedly not allowed to see her. Online records show Ciliento was charged with one count of child abuse.