Arizona Girls Launch Anti-Bullying Nonprofit Group

Two Arizona girls who are fed up with online bullying have created a nonprofit organization to stop the disturbing trend that has affected 40 percent of U.S. teens, according to the National Crime Prevention Center.

Julia Kordon and Savannah Bosch initially decided to create a Facebook memorial page for Cassidy Joy Andel, a North Dakota teen who committed suicide after being bullied online, reports. But after attracting 7,000 followers in just one week, the Arizona girls took their efforts to the next level by starting a nonprofit group call The Bullying Ends Now.

"We felt an ache in our heart for her and we just wanted to do something about it so we made the memorial page for her," Kordon said. "Their words mean so much more than they think they do, like when you say one simple thing it can mean a simple thing to you, but to someone else it can mean so much more."

Kordon, a student at Camelback Academy, plans to speak at other schools and youth groups to raise money and awareness. Her parents are proud she's standing up to her peers.

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