'Anonymous' threatens to shut down California police department website

Manteca Police are taking threats seriously after "Anonymous," a widely known "hacktivist" group, threatened to hack into the police department's public website, Fox40.com reported.

On their YouTube channel, "Annonymous" shows video of Ernesto Duenez Jr., being shot and killed by Manteca Officer John Moody. The group demands that the officer be fired from the force.

"Otherwise, Annonymous users will act appropriately with the inevitable shutdown of the official website," said someone on the site, disguised in a Guy Fawkes mask.

The Manteca Police Department told the Manteca Bulletin that they view this as a valid threat.

The threat comes a little more than a week after Moody was cleared of any wrong doing in the 2011 shooting, where he fired more than a dozen rounds at Duenez.

Since the shooting, many supported the Duenez family, but never has there been a threat of this magnitude.

The Duenez family says while they appreciate the support, they do not condone any illegal activity.

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