Angry mob busted: California police arrest 3 in attack on patrol car

California police arrested three men believed to have been part of an angry mob that kicked a patrol car while yelling “'F the police, we run the streets”, in an incident that was caught on video and widely shared on social media.

The arrests were announced Friday as officials released dashcam video from the California Highway Patrol car, ABC 30 reported.

Footage from the incident, which unfolded two weekends ago, showed a group of people in Fresno punching and kicking the stopped car before the officer sped away unharmed.

"There were other people that were chanting, yelling, 'F the police, we run the streets,'" Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer told the station.


Capt. Craig Kunzler said the officer is “doing fine” and is back on the job, but the suspects caused more than $12,000 in damages and face charges for felony vandalism and inciting a riot, according to ABC 30. The officer reportedly was responding to calls of illegal street racing and reckless driving before the crowd closed in.

Three men suspected in the attack -- Federico Gonzalez, Gabriel DeAnda and Milton Rodriguez – were identified through the dashcam video and fingerprints on the car.

Dyer said one of the men admitted to the attack, saying he was upset at the highway patrol recently towing his vehicle, while another said he was proud of the damage he caused.

Police are looking for a fourth suspect, 19-year old Guadalupe Gonzales, and are trying to identify five more people.

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