American Couple's Suicide Pact Goes Awry After Rescue

An American couple's pact to die together in Rome, the Eternal City, went awry when hotel staff rescued the wife after her husband fatally overdosed, TG24 reported Thursday.

A Californian man, 58, and his wife, 54, planned a tour of Europe that would culminate in their joint suicide in the upmarket Hotel Splendide Royal in central Rome. In preparation for the end, he tattooed the date of their death on his body and his wife tattooed "crossing over" on her breast.

The two left a message saying "We want to die together in the Eternal City" before taking barbiturates they brought with them from America.

But things did not go according to plan when members of the hotel staff, noticing their prolonged absence, knocked on their door and called the police when nobody answered.

Upon entering room 118, officers found the husband laid out on the bed already dead but rushed the wife to the hospital, where she was saved after medics pumped her stomach.