American Airlines pilot spots drone as plane lands at Miami International Airport

An American Airlines flight from Chicago was in the process of landing at Miami International Airport Wednesday morning when the pilot of the aircraft noticed a drone.

The approaching jetliner, carrying 113 passengers, reported seeing the device to Miami-Dade police officers who were stationed at the airport, according to the Miami Herald. Police searched for the owner of the unmanned device, but came up empty.

“An area canvass was conducted with negative results,” police said in a statement to the paper.

American Airlines Corporate Communications Manager Alexis Coello told the Miami Herald the plane landed safely at 11:18 a.m. and it never came into contact with the drone.

“Today’s incident is yet another example of the danger drones pose to the traveling public,” Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, a member of the Senate Commerce Committee which oversees the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement.

“Finding a way to implement the technology needed to prevent this kind of dangerous situation near our nation’s airports will be one of my top priorities as we begin work on a bill to reauthorize the FAA in the coming weeks,” Nelson added.

Miami-Dade County commissioners unanimously approved in November 2015 a resolution urging the FAA to address drone activity near airports in the city, according to the Miami Herald.

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