1. Food and baby products

Though Amazon offering food or baby products from its site is nothing new, what is new is that those products may soon bear the company’s name. According to a Wall Street Journal article, the original line would offer coffee, nuts, spices, baby food and diapers. Each will be launched one at a time: Happy Belly for nuts, tea and cooking oils; Wickedly Prime for snack foods; and Mama Bear for baby products.

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2. Amazon Business

Staples and Office Depot recently were denied a merger, which they argued was necessary to stave off competition from Amazon. Both stores face direct competition from Amazon Business, which offers business and school supplies. With a free account, users can get free two-day shipping for large orders, receive discounts and tax exemptions, approve workflows and have a complete order report. And of course, all of this can be done without needing to leave the office.

3. Amazon Dash

Though Dash isn’t intertwined with a specific product, the module does automatically link users to products offered by or on Amazon. Just say what you want or scan a barcode and the item will be ordered. It also automatically links with Amazon Fresh, the company’s answer to services, such as Fresh Direct, that offer food delivery.

4. Movies and television shows

Getting into the streaming game, Amazon has launched into a huge marketing push for its own original TV series, such as Transparent and Hand of God. The site also announced last year that it would be going into the movie biz, too. Though Amazon Studios has yet to officially release a film, it has already come out with a screenwriting app, Amazon Storywriter.

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5. Amazon Elements

Amazon Elements offers all natural products, such as diapers and baby food, that are exclusive to the ecommerce site.

6. Amazon Fashion

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