Alleged Police Impersonator Arrested in Miami

A man accused of impersonating a police officer and snatching a woman's purse appeared in bond court Tuesday morning in Miami, Fl.

Hialeah resident Jorge Rodriguez-Mompierre, 30, allegedly committed the robbery Monday night at a strip mall along West 53rd Street and 10th Avenue.

Hialeah Police Detective Eddy Rodriguez said, though he claimed to be an officer, the woman became suspicious, especially since he was not dressed as a police officer. "Identified himself to the victim as a police officer, and she became suspicious," Rodriguez said. "He kept asking her questions, the way he was dressed."

Police allege Rodriguez-Mompierre ordered the woman to get in her car, but, police said, when he tried to get into the car, the victim locked her vehicle's doors, and he snatched her purse before running off.

A Good Samaritan helped recover the bag after he chased the man down and sat on him until police arrived.

It turned out Rodriguez-Mompierre had already been convicted for impersonating a police officer in three separate cases.

The judge decided to set his bond at $80,000. He was also charged with possession of cocaine.

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