Before Eli Thompson was born, his father joked that he hoped he wouldn't pass on his nose to his new son.

But moments after Eli's birth, an air of seriousness — and concern — filled the room.

Mother Brandi McGlathery tells Al.com (http://bit.ly/1CNf7kN ) she knew immediately that something wasn't right.

She shouted, "He doesn't have a nose!"

McGlathery says Eli began breathing through his mouth right away March 4 at a Mobile, Alabama, hospital.

McGlathery says her son was born with a rare condition known as complete congenital arhinia.

She says she and husband Troy "think he's perfect the way he is."

The University of South Alabama Children's & Women's Hospital said in a statement on its Facebook account that the condition affects fewer than 40 other people around the world.