Alabama death row inmate seeks freedom as health fails, says state ignoring innocence claims

The latest Alabama inmate seeking freedom from death row says the state is wrongly ignoring his claims of innocence while his health fails.

Legal arguments filed by Donnis Musgrove maintain the state is arguing about technicalities rather addressing legitimate concerns about his 1988 conviction and death sentence.

Musgrove was sentenced to die for the gunshot killing of Coy Eugene Barron in 1986. His attorneys maintain the prosecution falsified evidence.

They are asking a federal judge in Birmingham to overturn Musgrove's conviction. His attorneys filed a brief late Friday accusing the state of failing to address questions about innocence.

Prosecutors didn't have any immediate response.

Musgrove is trying to become the third inmate freed from Alabama's death row since April. Lawyers say he's in failing health and want a quick decision.