Alabama city hall gun sign is misleading, firearms advocates say

Gun rights advocates are taking shots at a sign they claim is misleading at an Alabama government building, Fox6 News reported.

According to the station, the sign at Northport City Hall reads: “Firearms Restricted. Pursuant to Alabama Code 13A-11-61.2."  The sign also has an image of a gun, with the universal no sign.

Critics of the sign, including Eddie Fulmer of the group Bama Carry, say the code only restricts guns during city council meetings, which are after business hours.

Bama Carry wants city leaders to take down the sign, or make it clear to gun owners that there is not a firearms ban at city hall.

"It's distasteful and I think this sign is spiritually and morally corrupt. Basically it conveys to an unknowing public who won't take the time to go look up the code that you can't bring a firearm into city hall," Fulmer told Fox6.

Northport City Councilman Jay Logan says the city will look at the issue, and decide whether the wording on the signs should be made clearer. He added that the city is not trying to impede on citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

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