Alabama church's 'Strip For Me' billboard draws attention

The Rock Church in Birmingham, Ala., says its unusual billboard is serving its purpose, grabbing people's attention and making patrons of a local strip club think twice about how they spend their money, reported.

The church's sign quotes Jesus from Hebrews, saying simply, "Strip for me." The message: Instead of spending money in a strip club, spend it in a way that will better your family and yourself.

Even more powerful, perhaps, is the location of the sign, which can be seen just behind The Palace Gentlemen's Club sign on 3rd Avenue West in the city's downtown.

Pastor Mike McClure, Jr., expected some negativity in response to the billboard but he said he doesn't mind. He says his church is out to change lives of Magic City men.

"We strategically picked the strip club because we want the brothers who are walking know God has a greater cause for your life," he said.

McClure says the religious message is clear in the scripture on the billboard.

"The scripture says...slows down, maybe your life is slow because of stuff you need to strip off. When you begin to strip watch how fast your life goes," he said.

McClure wants to hold men accountable and encourage them to stay out of strip clubs and spend more time being good fathers and family members. He says the big picture is making Birmingham better.

"It all starts with a good man in the house," he said.

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