Afghan child migrant reunited with his brother after 10 years

A 14-year-boy among the first child migrants to arrive in Britain from Calais has told Sky News about the struggles he faced living there.

Aemal Khan arrived on Monday where he was reunited with his older brother Asif who he had not seen in a decade.

"It was a great moment, when I saw him after a long time, more than 10 years," said Asif, a 25-year-old chef who has been living in the UK for 11 years.

"When I met him I hugged him and kissed him, he was so small when I saw him before. He's changed a lot, but brothers, if you see him after 20 years you can recognise."

Eight months ago Aemal fled Afghanistan and followed his brother to the UK - it was a journey he made alone.

He has spent the past five months stranded in Calais' 'Jungle' migrant camp, despite having a right of residence with family in Britain.

During an emotional interview, he said: "Sometimes I missed mum, sometimes I cried as I was not with my family; no parents. I missed my mum."

It was a drawn-out process to get him to Britain, but fortunately his brother had documentation to support his story.

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