Actions of 911 dispatcher ‘under review’ in Amanda Berry call

The 911 call made by Amanda Berry, one of three kidnap victims who police say were held in a Cleveland basement for a decade, is under review after possible procedural errors by the dispatcher.

"While the call-taker complied with policies and procedures which enabled a very fast response by police, we have noted some concerns which will be the focus of our review, including the call-taker's failure to remain on the line with Ms. Berry until police arrived on the scene," Martin L. Flask, the director of the Cleveland Department of Public Safety told

In the 911 transcript, the operator interacts with Berry. At one point, after Berry asks for a police, the operator responds, "We're going to send them as soon as we get a car open."

The call ends with the dispatcher assuring Berry that police are en route and said,  'I told you they’re on their way; talk to them when they get there, OK."

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