A pistol-packing pastor helps catch robbery suspect

Praise the lord . . . and pass the ammunition.

A pistol-packing pastor helped catch a grandmother last week who police say has been stealing dozens of packages from the front porches of homes in a Texas town, KTRK reported.

Pastor Benny Holmes was, to hear his wife Pat tell it, “at his wits end” after packages delivered to his Baytown home kept disappearing.

"He was determined in his mind that he would sit here, however long it took, to see if he could find her," Pat Holmes told the station.

His determination paid off when he apparently caught the thief on yet another trip to allegedly steal packages.

Pastor Holmes sprang into action, and when police arrived at the scene he was holding Laurie Ferguson, 52, at gunpoint.

Police said Ferguson had several stolen items in her home that were taken during similar incidents in the neighborhood. Ferguson apparently was also in possession of a pastor's robe that was delivered to the Holmes’ home in June.

The Baytown Police Department is asking anyone in the area who had packages missing to call 281-422-8371 to see if their missing merchandise has been recovered.