A Man Is Eating Chipotle for 366 Days Straight -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

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On the go. Google has launched a new tool to help businesses better determine how their websites fare on mobile devices.

Laying down the law. After a great deal of backlash, Amazon is cracking down on fake product reviews.

In preparation. With Apple’s annual WWDC beginning on June 13, here are some things to expect from the conference.

Lock and key. Facebook has updated its privacy settings…yet again.

Get in the game. Twitter is partnering with Samsung and the NBA in a new 360-degree video deal.

Growing up. According to recent reports, Snapchat now has more users than Twitter on a daily basis.

Computer politics. Check out what happened when artificial intelligence took over a Reddit forum to answer folks’ burning political queries.

On a mission. A man from Washington has a goal to eat Chipotle every day for 366 days. He has 51 days left.

A new investment. Starbucks and Anheuser-Busch are joining forces to offer bottled Teavana tea.

Driving force.

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