The Monumental Bronze Co. of Bridgewater, Connecticut, was one of the leading manufacturers of soldier statues for Civil War monuments and memorials erected in the North and South between the mid-1870s and 1912. Some facts about the company:

— Claimed its soldier and sailor monuments were installed in 31 states

— Specialized in cast zinc statues, which it billed as "white bronze" for the finishing process that resulted in a light gray or pale blue color

— Advertised white bronze as more durable — and cheaper — than granite or marble

— Soldier statue prices: $450 for life size; $750 for 8-foot, 6-inch model; $600 for "Defense of Flag" version depicting infantryman holding flag

— Testimonial from treasurer of Pennsylvania cemetery that bought a soldier statue in 1881, printed in company catalog circa 1905: "The weather does not seem to make any change upon it."


Source: Monumental Bronze Co. catalogs