911 tapes depict response to collapse of vet who had heart attack at VA hospital in New Mexico

Newly released 911 tapes reveal the efforts to revive a Vietnam veteran who collapsed with a heart attack in a Veterans Affairs hospital in Albuquerque.

Jim Napoleon Garcia lay on the floor while an ambulance was called to take him to an emergency room 500 yards away.

Two calls were made after Garcia collapsed on June 30.

In the first, a female caller described how the man was unresponsive and bleeding from his mouth and nose. She also expressed her frustration that a table of what she said were doctors weren't doing more to help.

In a second call minutes later, a male caller said nurses were performing CPR but the man didn't appear to be breathing.

The hospital says its response to the man's death remains under investigation.

The content of the tapes was first reported by The Albuquerque Journal.