9 years for Chicago man who advised slaying in Indonesia

A Chicago man who used text-message emojis to offer advice to his cousin on how to kill a wealthy American vacationing in Indonesia has been sentenced to nine years in prison.

During Friday's sentencing of Robert Bibbs, a prosecutor showed the judge the fruit-stand handle used to bludgeon Sheila von Wiese-Mack in 2014.

Bibbs' cousin, Tommy Schaefer and Schaefer's girlfriend, Heather Mack, stuffed the woman's body in a suitcase.

Bibbs' texts included "high-five" symbols approving plans to kill the woman, Heather Mack's mom, for a cut of her inheritance.

Bibbs said Friday "he never expected" the duo "to do something so horrific." He called his role "a mistake."

Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer told him "a mistake is leaving your keys in the car ... not standing by and encouraging ... murder."