9-year-old Utah girl dies in freak trampoline accident

A 9-year-old Utah girl died after a strong gust of wind sent the trampoline she was sitting on flying more than 150 feet, in what authorities call a freak accident.

Fox 13 reports Oaklee Sidwell had been playing with friends on the trampoline in her backyard but all the other children had gotten off of it. Oaklee was sitting down to put on her shoes when the wind hit and sent the trampoline hurtling through the air.

The girl fell off the trampoline at some point before it came to rest half a football field away.

She was taken to a local hospital and later flown to a Salt Lake City hospital, where she died Wednesday from multiple injuries.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Cheryl Church says the trampoline was properly assembled, was anchored to the ground and had a safety net.

She says it was a tragic, freak accident that has affected the entire county.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report