A nine-year-old Florida girl was facing multiple felony charges Tuesday after allegedly spitting on a school bus driver and threatening to kill a police officer.

According to a Lee County Sheriff's Office report obtained by the website The Smoking Gun, the fourth-grade student was on a school bus from Royal Palm School in Fort Myers, Fla. -- about 130 miles south of Tampa -- on Monday afternoon when driver Robert Middleton asked her not to eat candy on the bus.

The child, who was not identified, "became very upset" and began yelling obscenities at Middleton, according to the police report.

She then allegedly threatened to hit other students and spit on Middleton as she exited the bus. Once outside, the report says, she threw pieces of asphalt at the bus.

A Lee County Sheriff's Office deputy arrived on the scene and ordered the girl to stop throwing asphalt. She responded with a string of profanities, yelling, "Shut the (expletive) up! I will (expletive) kill you!"

The deputy said the child "picked up an aluminum patio chair and threw it at me." He restrained her, and she attempted to bite his arm before threatening again to kill him.

The girl was charged with battery on a public school employee, resisting arrest with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer, and throwing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle.

She was released into her parents' custody Monday night and placed on home detention for 21 days.