A 6-week-old baby was released from a Wisconsin hospital Wednesday after police said she was mistakenly given a potentially deadly cocktail: baby formula mixed with vodka.

Authorities believe the baby's mother mistakenly used a bottle filled with vodka to prepare the baby's meal. She had thought it was filled with water, police said.

"There was no intentional act or neglect on behalf of the parents," Lt. Bradley Hetlet told FOX6.

The baby's parents noticed something was amiss when the baby started acting abnormally. The baby was rushed to the hospital with a blood alcohol level of 0.294. Reuters pointed out that that level is three times the legal limit for an adult driver.

The baby's father, 22-year-old Brian Smith, was charged with strangulation and suffocation, battery, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer in an altercation that allegedly ensued following the baby's ingesting of vodka.

"That's what led to the argument -- one person blaming the other," Hetlet said.