Even though you may love your job, if you work all the time you are guaranteed to burn out. However, when you own your own business, you’re probably in the habit of working day and night. Maybe you’ve even convinced yourself that there’s no other way to get the work done.

Working around the clock is truly counter-productive. Your body and mind become fatigued, you lose your passion for your work, frustration and cynicism sneak in, and you actually get less work done than if you set regular office hours and took some time out to play.

Once you start to make some changes in your routine, and you’ll start to notice the benefits immediately. Here's how:

1. Schedule work hours.

All work and no play makes for a dull day. Setting work hours helps you compress your time and your focus on the job at hand. Remember writing your best college paper the night before it was due? That’s because you had a deadline and laser focus on the task at hand. Set a time to close the office, starting with an hour earlier than you usually leave, and work your way back to “normal” office hours.

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2. Schedule play dates.

Schedule playtime (like going to gym, bicycling, going to a festival or playing a round of golf) and play dates, whether alone or with others. Regular recreation will relieve stress, stretch tight muscles and clear your mind for the next great idea. It allows you to forget the daily stresses and just enjoy life. Schedule playtime to make it happen.

3. Set social time.

The isolation of working round the clock is detrimental to both body and soul. We need human interaction to stay healthy. Set regular times to meet with friends and family. Try to forget about work for a bit while nurturing these valuable relationships.

4. Get some interests.

If all you can talk about is work, you’re missing out on all that life has to offer. Try photography, take a wine class, become a master baker, or do anything that catches your fancy. Join a club where you can socialize and try something new. You’ll make new friends and learn a fresh skill that will benefit you in many ways.

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5. Find a way to make more money with less effort.

Often, business owners overlook opportunities to make more money by getting stuck in a rut. Leverage your time by hiring others to help with tasks and assignments. Create programs or packages that people can purchase over and over again. Optimize affiliate programs or create one of your own. Or uncover passive income resources. Taking time off from the business allows your mind to open up to new ideas and possibilities like never before.

6. Hang out.

Doing nothing is an exceptional way to refresh. Lie in the hammock, cook out on the grill, watch a movie, or take a nap on the couch. Let your mind and imagination wander as you rest.

Ask yourself, "Do I have the type of life I really want, or do I work all the time? If your answer is the latter, make changes now. Your workaholic habits are just that -- habits. Once you adopt a more well-rounded lifestyle, the benefits will become apparent and you just might make more money in the process.

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