6 Out of 10 Links Shared on Twitter Never Get Clicked -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

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Political statement. Apple has announced it will not fund or support next month's Republican National Convention because of Donald Trump's remarks.

Read before you retweet. Six out of 10 links shared on Twitter are never actually clicked by anyone.

New edition. Google might be developing a new Chromebook Pixel.

First look. Rolls-Royce revealed a new futuristic luxury concept self-driving car.

Get in free. Ticketmaster customers are getting vouchers for free tickets as a result of a 13-year-old lawsuit.

Take a dip. There's a video of a Tesla Model S "swimming," and Elon Musk tweeted saying the car can float well enough to turn into a boat. (He doesn't recommend trying it, though.)

Speaking of swimming. Someone claims they spotted a sea monster on Google Earth.

Safe landing. Three astronauts made their descent back to Earth after six months on the International Space Station.