5 Motivation Blocks Hurting Your Success, and How to Transform Them

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The world has more than 7 billion people in it, and no two are the exact same. All of that diversity makes for exciting business possibilities. But when it comes to the success of your own business, only one person can provide the motivation: you.

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And that brings up the question of what creates motivation. Some people, for instance, are inspired by fear; they use it as fuel to move forward. An entrepreneur terrified of going back to a corporate world job may use that fear to stay motivated, to move forward and create a sustainable business. Others may become paralyzed and depressed. What motivates you in your business?

Through my life-coaching practice and research for my next book, Adventures for Your Soul, I discovered that through our vast differences, we are more similar than we realize. We all want love, acceptance and appreciation. And when it comes to running a thriving business, the way we approach the process is essential for long-term results. You may have habits hurting your business, but you can transform them by answering the following questions.

1. Are you a 'why bother?' person, or a 'why not?' person?

Problems are an inevitable part of business. But how we approach them depends on our point of view of the world. A why bother? person falls back on excuses or reasons a project can’t be done. Maybe it’s been done before, or it will take too much time or money, so they throw their hands up in the air and say, “Why bother?” "Why not?" people, however, look for solutions in the unknown territory of life. These are the people who, instead of saying something can’t be done, say, “Watch me. Why not try? I have nothing to lose.”

2. Do you focus on reasons or results?

Motivational speaker Marie Forleo has said, “You either have reasons or results.” People fall into one of two buckets when it comes to making their dreams come true. They focus on all the reasons their dreams can't be realized, or else the results they want to see.

If you yourself are trying to reach new heights, you have to do what you haven’t done before. You have to focus on the possibilities and results possible for you. Results-driven people often make their dreams come true faster, and they are happier, healthier and wealthier for it.

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3. Do you think 'it can't be done,' or do you find a way?

I teach marketing and entrepreneur classes at the college level. Last week, I proposed a problem for my students to solve. One student raised her hand and politely said, "It can’t be done." I smiled and replied, "With that mindset, you are right. But if you take on the focus that it can be solved, you will be able to solve it." The students who thought they could solve it did. Those who said it couldn't be done stayed stuck.

The results we see in life are based on what we think. What you think, you become. If you want new results, look for new ways to approach old problems.

4. Do you follow the rules, or are you comfortable breaking them?

Rules are set for a reason: to keep order, respect, and policies in place. But some rules are better broken. In your life, playing it safe can often hold you back. People you admire, leaders and business owners who move society forward often break rules. Give yourself permission, then, to break more rules, and you will feel more fulfilled and free.

5. Do you see the world as a threatening, harsh place, or a kind, loving one?

We will attract what we believe. If you look at the world in a negative light and see only hate, sadness and pain, you will feel more of that in your life, and your business will feel like a struggle. But when you focus on small acts of kindness, on love, on opportunity and hope, you will have more opportunities and joy will be yours for the taking.

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