Five people detained by law enforcement after their vehicle was stopped near the Verrazano Bridge on Sunday night were questioned and released, FBI officials said during a Monday news conference.

The group was detained after their vehicle was identified as a "vehicle of interest" in the New York and New Jersey bombing investigations. Ahmad Khan Rahami, the prime suspect in the trio of weekend bombings, was captured in Linden, NJ after a gun battle with police on Monday morning.

Officials took an interest in the vehicle stopped on the Verrazano after it was seen leaving a location "associated with Rahami," authorities said.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday that authorities weren't currently searching for any other suspects in the bombing case. The assistant director of the FBI's field office in New York, William Sweeney Jr., said "there is no indication that there's a cell" in the area associated with Rahami.

The bombing on Saturday night in New York's Chelsea neighborhood injured 29 people. Two other attempted attacks on Saturday morning and Sunday night -- both in New Jersey -- did not result in any injuries.